Congratulations to Rhine McLin in her victory over
Mike "secret meetings" Turner.

(click on picture to view E2K TV spot)

If you don't vote, nothing changes.

18% turnout.


Thanks to all who believed in me.

David Esrati



The original front page, Nov 1,1999

Your only choice for change - and proud to be 100% Tom Danis free*.

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On November 2nd 1999 there will be an election for 2 commission seats.

If you are a registered voter in Dayton, you have 2 votes.

There are three candidates; Bootsie Neal, Dean Lovelace and David Esrati.

Do you want change? If so vote once, for Esrati. If you want what you've got - vote for the incumbents.

I say it is time to lift the "desegregation order" and return to neighborhood schools.

I promise to stop giving your money away- to rich developers - in the name of "economic development."

How many more Danis Construction projects do you want to fund with your tax dollars?

Please e-mail 3 friends this URL. Do it now!

Pre-Election report Esrati2K contributors listed
*Complete contributors list for both incumbents. (see who gave them both money)

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updated 2 January 2002

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